Support in Recovery

General InformatioN

Keene offers 3 meetings a day/ 7 days a week. NA and AA are both available (not every day for both there is a popular NA young adult meeting on Tuesdays). Inner Connections can offer at-home drug testing as well as paying for an outside service to administer the test. The outside service is located within walking distance from downtown. While Inner Connections address underlying issues for the motivation or decisions to use, we do not accept students that have not had sober time. More specifically sober time in society where the decision to be sober has been made time and time again. The recommended sober time is 6 months but will be evaluated on an individualized basis. Additional drug counseling is available at an additional fee. The two profiles that follow will help you to further understand who is a match for the Keene NH Coaching Program in Keene.


Two Student Profiles

Student 1:

Young adults who are choosing to be sober and have been able to say no when the opportunity presents itself. Assuming the student has been actively making choices to avoid tempting situations such as parties and bars but a situation comes up that they were not expecting. If a trigger happens, they will take action to get to a safe place, with safe people and process the trigger with others who understand and are supportive of sobriety. Inner Connections offers some structured daily and weekly activities to keep things fresh and clean. We like to call this being “emotionally sober” while striving to, and sometimes struggling to, recover their life.

Student 2:

They are sober due to outside pressure or mandated by court, or with the threat of negative consequences. They make a choice to go into situations where drugs and alcohol are present before they have the skills or resolve to say no. A relapse is often followed by lying and manipulation to make thing appear differently then they are. This student might believe that they can control one drug in their life even with the evidence that clearly shows otherwise. Talk is cheap and the struggle is to figure out how to get things from parents or society while continuing to use.

These examples are black and white unlike recovery, which is gray for a time. I offer these two example to ask you to do a bit of step 4 in the AA and NA 12 step program which is “a fearless moral inventory”. The reason to be sober might be due to your cat, or your grandmother or the courts but as part of your inventory, you need to address this question. “Are you ready (or is your loved one ready) to struggle,  not to control things, to gain back your life. As part of an interview to be accepted into Inner Connections, please expect an assessment of the two types of students and know we are looking for a match so we can maximize the success of the young adult in our program.

Please note: This has been an evolution in our program model and we thank you for your patience and support as we clarify these changes.


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