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Chris Cotton


Chris Cotton is the founder and Director of Inner Connections and a certified Spiritual Life Coach. Chris earned a Bachelor of Science from Unity College in Maine in Outdoor Leadership in 1994 but his career began when he was only 18. Chris worked in an intensive residential treatment program for youth at risk as a staff member during college. He facilitated wilderness programs for troubled teens and worked for the state of ME as a Recreational Therapist. Chris’s next position was the Director of Experiential Therapy and Recreation at a treatment program in NH where he worked with adolescents and adults with substance abuse problems. Chris also worked as a drug and alcohol counselor in a middle school and high school. It was at this point, out of Chris’s passion for working with young adults and with the support of Chris’s mentor and coach, James Morton, that Inner Connections was born.


Chris became certified as a Spiritual Life Coach through the Coaching from Spirit program with Sharon Wilson which enhanced his coaching and mentoring skills. Chris brings a wealth of inner personal knowledge which he uses to help his students and families to build a foundation for success. He helps families achieve positive communication and helps young adults to begin finding their own way.




Natalie Neilson attended Keene State College where she earned a BA in Psychology and graduated with honors summa cum laude in 2013. While earning her degree, she became an active member in the Psychology research community and academic support services. She has since published her research on aggression in young adults and presented her work on adoption communication at various conferences around the east coast.  Post-graduation, Natalie worked as a counselor aide in a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center where she designed and facilitated groups for the residential clients.

Prior to enrollment at Keene State, Natalie struggled with anxiety and depression. After attending several therapeutic programs around the country without success, Natalie found Inner Connections. Within weeks, she began taking the necessary steps to invest in her future, including enrolling in her first college courses. Natalie soon discovered her passion for helping young adults and was hired at Inner Connections as a mentor to the clients. Her approach to coaching is one of great compassion and respect for each individual’s unique process.



Douglas Hohenberger graduated magna cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and an Associate Degree in Chemical Dependency from Keene State College. During his time at Keene State, he was approved for practicum fieldwork where, under the direction of college faculty, he enhanced his knowledge and experience by delivering counseling services to troubled youth. As a culminating activity, he presented his findings, experiences, and his progress. In addition, he was employed during his senior year by Cheshire Medical Hospital of Keene in the mental health unit where he provided one-on-one care for patients. Doug is pursuing his License in Alcohol and Drug Counseling and he is working towards a career in medicine.

The teen years for Doug were a struggle until his family discovered Inner Connections. There he soon demonstrated natural leadership ability and a genuine desire to be an advocate for young adults. Doug was hired as a mentor to support and guide clients, coordinate activities, plan group counseling, and ease communication between clients and parents. His experience provided him with extensive knowledge working with at-risk youth and the rewards of making a difference in the lives of others.

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