The Keene NH Coaching Program immerses young men and women, ages 18 to 27, in the creative process to understand how his/her values and aspirations, rather than beliefs and concepts, create a life they want. The young adult lives independently in an apartment which they select. Students live alone by design so they learn how to live on their own while being responsible for their own space.


This program supports emerging adults with a balance of guidance and independence that apartment living provides and young adults experience the freedom to try on their newly learned skills, without the stress and pressure of returning to their old environments. The opportunity to be held accountable and responsible while living in a semi-independent environment is an investment toward a foundational transition into adulthood. The Intensive program is a year-long program with quarterly milestones and increased responsibility as they progress. Initially in the first quarter there will be daily supervision to help the student get set up and comfortable in their apartment.

Each student can come to Keene, New Hampshire for a day or they can stay overnight in a hotel while they are searching for their apartment. They may able to spend a night in our transitional apartment depending on availability. They will be expected to sign a one year lease and this may require a parent or family member as a co-signer, depending on the specific apartment. Also, there will be $1000 budget for the student to set up their apartment which will be collected as part of the initial payment.


During their participation in the Inner Connections Keene NH Coaching Program, the young adult living will be supported to live in a drug-free environment. We promote healthy living and community involvement, which creates the optimal support for self-exploration, personal growth and life-skill practice. House rules and expectations are clear and maintained by all residents in order to create a safe and comfortable environment. Living in Inner Connections’ apartments and/or participating in the intensive coaching program does not include 24/7 supervision.

While staying at the Inner Connections apartments, residents will be expected to find employment and/or attend school, for a minimum of twenty hours a week, as well as participate in daily and weekly rotating chores.

Students best supported by Inner Connections are emerging adults willing to learn and grow, to challenge themselves, and the desire to make adult decisions and choices in a supportive framework.

The Inner Connections Keene NH Coaching Program requires an application process that includes a parent interview, a student interview, an evaluation, an exploration of the particular match between program and student, and completion of an application packet.

Please contact us if this program is of interest to you and we will begin the supportive process.

We also offer a family Intensive program and Distance Coaching as other options.

The Parent Coaching option is available to any parent and/or guardian who desire to improve their relationship with their children. We offer the same tools to both parents and students to take responsibility for what is within their control. This step brings clarity to how you can best support your child by being the example of a life lived on purpose, with vision and intent.

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